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On today’s autism family vlog: something a little bit different because I wasn’t allowed to take my camera to the event I was planning on vlogging from yesterday, so instead we reached out via Twitter and our community page for some questions to answer – these were the most popular questions, complete the timestamps in the video where we answer them:

1:35 – Does Andy know he has autism?
2:13 – What is Andy’s morning/evening sleep routine?
4:54 – Is Andy still obsessed with Nintendogs?
5:06 – Why is Andy’s surname not Chapman?
6:02 – What did I know about autism before I met Andy?
6:56 – What do we think Andy will be doing in 10 years?
8:24 – Would we do a Q&A with Andy?
9:08 – Would Andy like the London Underground?
10:26 – What is Andy’s learning age?
11:51 – Where in the world would we like to live?
14:05 – Has Andy ever watched anime?
14:09 – What games other than Nintendogs does Andy play on his DS?
15:28 – What was Andy’s first word?
15:41 – How old was Andy when he was diagnosed with autism?
15:44 – What other autism families do we watch on YouTube?
18:18 – When did I start watching wrestling?
19:00 – Will we ever do cosplay?
20:03 – What made me want to do YouTube?
21:04 – Are we going to The Autism Show in London next year?
21:23 – How do I balance the workload of running two YouTube channels?

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When I left my full-time as a Computer Science teacher in July 2017, my partner, Anna, was trapped in our house by our son Andy, who is autistic and had refused to go to school for 18 months. Our daughters Lucy and Amy and our dog Dave hardly saw me because I was always working to try and solve all our problems! Today I’m a full-time content creator who’s always at home when my kids get home from school (all our kids!) and Anna has been able to return to university. This channel is the story of my family’s ongoing journey! Previously known as lollujo Vlogs.


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