Autism Meltdown at School

March 13, 2019 189 No Comments


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Three years ago Andy had a really bad day at school, and we picked him up midway through the day because we thought it was the right thing to do. He didn’t go back to school for 18 months. In today’s vlog, we got a phone call from school saying he had had an autism meltdown at school, including him taking off his clothes and swearing at teachers, something he’s never done in the past. He’s not had an incident like this in a long time, but watching this vlog back as I upload it, I think it’s pretty clear why it happened.

The day started with Andy having an early doctors appointment for a health check, which meant a change to his normal routine – he’d be missing the school bus, going to the doctors and then we’d drive him in to school. He didn’t have a great time at the doctors (who does?) and then when he got to school, they were in the middle of a fire drill, in the rain (we didn’t know about this until later in the day). To top it off, the ongoing issue with the school iPad and computer pushed him over the edge, and the meltdown followed. He did stay in school for the full day, but spent a long time in the sensory room calming down, and he wasn’t himself when he got home.

We hope this isn’t going to be the start of ongoing issues with school again, but we remember how insignificant the original issue seemed 3 years ago, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for a return to a good school experience. This whole episode is an important lesson in not getting complacent – even when things are going as well as they have been for Andy for the last year, one bad morning can cause all manner of problems…

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